Changes in Late February

We've made some changes to the Animal Control System this week and more changes are on the way.

Display of Data Tables and Lists

We've made changes to take advantage of some of the white space on screen and when printing to save on paper.

Data Tables

Data tables now take up more space on the screen and should be easier to read.

Before and After changes to tables

Changes to How Lists are Displayed

Lists now may take advantage of the horizontal space and "columnize".

Before and After changes to lists

Show Similar Owners

2020-02-27 Add Similar Owners on View owner. This will need refinement.

New feature: Similar owners animated gif

Prevent Double Clicking on Submit Buttons

This is to prevent two records being created from a form when the intention is to create one record.

Click the submit button on Animal search

Road Map

See some of what's on the way on the Road Map.

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